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Mixbox Rice Chips

4×4 Family packs bij elkaar voor € 29,95

Of kies hier je favoriete smaak: 

27 portion packs voor € 29,95 (1,10 per stuk)

of 18 family packs voor € 31,25 (1,74 per stuk)

Black Pepper


Bazqet Mini’s are mini muesli or granola bites. Consumers are delighted by the tastes and we are currently finalizing pack options for consumers and wholesale. 

Bazqet Mini's singles


Rocky Rice

In 6 delicious flavors. For consumers and food service.  

RR Strawberry
RR Orange
RR Dark Chocolate
RR Coconut
RR Coconut

Hoover to the flavor of choice and select to view details and options. Available in boxes of 50 or 160 pcs.

Specifications & Overview.

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Specifications & Overview. (NL)

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Introduction New Launch

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